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Ants, for the most part, can be harmless to humans. The issue with ants is the sheer number of them in a colony.


Usually, if you see one, you’re going to see a lot more very soon. Ants within a colony all have a specific job and one of those jobs is to find food. The scout ants scavenge for food and water and are the ones that you will most likely to come upon. If a small amount of nourishment is found, a few carry the food back to the colony. If scout ants find a bag of sugar in your pantry, they will bring the colony back to the sugar they found in your pantry and we all know what happens next… ANTs everywhere!

Now you are faced with dealing with an overwhelming number of ants were victory over control becomes very difficult. You may be able to kill the ants you see, but not the ones in the wall or the ones coming through the crack in your foundation or roof.

Bugmaster specializes in controlling ant issues you have now and preventing future issues. Our recurring pest control service builds a barrier around your home and keeps ants outside your home or commercial property.

Common Types of Ants found in Santa Clara County:

Argentine Ant

Black House Ant

Carpenter Ant

Pavement Ants

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