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Proper Identification of bed bugs is necessary and the first step for any bed bug program. We can’t verify the presence of bed bugs by the bites that people get because everyone reacts to insect bites differently especially bed bug bites.


Bed Bugs are frustrating and uncomfortable and usually appear during the night and feed off your blood. They can hide in many different areas of your house, such as around the seams of the mattress and box springs, inside couches, in curtains, along with ceilings, along baseboards and even in dressers and nightstands.

The first step in any bed bug program that will be provided by Bugmasters is to conduct a thorough inspection of your residence to determine if bed bugs are present and identify the extent of the infestation. Upon completion of the inspection, we will provide a detailed report, complete with suggestions for bed bug treatments.


While the inspection costs $135.00, we waive this inspection fee for customers who decide to receive bed bug treatments from Bugmaster.


Bugmaster uses tried and true methods to eliminate and prevent bed bugs. We thoroughly attack all areas of detected infestation as dictated by the inspection. The goal of our bed bug program is to treat areas of interest like cracks, crevices, mattresses, box springs and other ideal surfaces where bed bugs hide and thrive. In some scenarios, we’ll set up bed bug monitors to keep tabs on the situation.


Once the initial bed bug infestation has been treated, we will provide follow up visits as dictated by the inspection and program that has been established. Bugmaster will verify the control of bed bugs with a follow-up inspection after the initial treatment. 

Bugmaster offers a 30-day bed bug warranty. If bed bugs return after the initial treatment, so do we at no charge.

Contact Bugmaster today for an evaluation of your bed bug situation.

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