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Jake Goodwin has the vision to make sure that Bugmaster will be around another 30 years and beyond by providing new services for his customers in Santa Clara County. David Coronado came on board to aid with Jake’s goal of making sure that Bugmaster provides new services for customers in Santa Clara County.

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Jake Goodwin


Jake Goodwin started in the pest control industry in 2006 and since that time he has been a route technician, supervisor, and service manager.

In 2007 Jake started a new career at a large family-owned and operated pest control company in California where he had many different opportunities within the company. Some of these opportunities where a Commercial Department Supervisor for a Santa Clara County Branch and Pest Department Service Manager at a San Diego Branch.

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David Coronado

wildlife trapping and pest control specialist

David Coronado started in the pest control industry in 2008 and since that time he has sharpened his skills as a pest control service technician and wildlife trapping specialist. He has provided pest control related services for multi-dwelling residence, commercial properties, hotels, and food processing facilities. He has also performed turf and ornamental services and wildlife trapping for residential and commercial properties. 

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