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Cockroaches truly are the survival experts. They thrive in unsavory conditions. Their ability to quickly access areas that we humans cannot, or will not, makes the cockroach a difficult adversary. This is also one of the reasons most Do-It-Yourself cockroach control products are much less effective than advertised. Professional inspections and treatments are the most effective solution available for your homes and businesses.

Cockroaches are slim and can access your home or business through small cracks in your foundation, roof, and walls and climb up your plumbing and sewer drains. These are places that most people don’t think about when trying to kill roaches on their own. Your home or business is a perfect environment for cockroaches because they will always have access to warmth, water, and food along with plenty of places to hide a nest. This is where cockroaches can wreak havoc on your home or business because unchecked, cockroaches will multiply without you even being aware of it.

The best defense against cockroaches is to prevent them from your home or business in the first place.  Therefore, it is important to act fast at the first site of cockroaches in your home or business by contacting Bugmaster for a free evaluation of your cockroach situation.

Common Types of Cockroaches found in Santa Clara County:





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