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Mice and Rats are sneaky and resourceful rodents. We are trained to find and eliminate rodents at their source, ensuring the integrity of your home and business.


We start off by first inspecting your home or business so that a full diagnosis of the problem can be determined. We will inspect the common areas known for rodent infestation, such as the kitchens, bathrooms, storage area, garages, false ceilings, and the exterior common areas so that we can locate their source and create a strategy to control them correctly the first time.


Bugmaster will utilize tools to inspect more deeply into the areas of your home or business than a DIY assessment will allow. We will inform you of our observations, what kind of rodent you have, where they are nested, how they got in, and most importantly, how to get them under control.

We document all aspects of our rodent control programs so that you can completely understand our process as we clear your home or business of rodents. wants to ensure that you never go through a rodent infestation more than once. With this in mind, we will schedule routine services to ensure that we are gaining control of the current situation, to assess whether the problem has been solved and what steps are needed to keep future problems from occurring.

Contact Bugmaster immediately at the sight of mice or rats is the smart thing to do!

Common Mice found in Santa Clara County:



Common Rats found in Santa Clara County





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