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We will first evaluate your property so that we can identify the stinging insects and develop a program that will control the current infestation.



Bees help pollinate flowers, vegetables, and fruits in the garden by transporting pollen from plant to plant as they collect nectar to bring to their hives. Pollen attaches to the honeybees’ fuzzy bodies and rubs off on flowers from which they collect nectar. The pollen transfer helps plants to reproduce and produce fruit and seeds. If feral bees aren't available to pollinate flowers and crops, fruit and seed yields will below. To ensure large yields on commercial farms, farmers may contract beekeepers. Any bee nests or swarms that are found will be referred to a local beekeeper.

Wasps and Yellow Jackets

Wasps and Yellow Jackets can present a serious problem. Even if you aren’t allergic, they can still be an intimidating pest.  They tend to create multiple nests and are experts at hiding their nests within your structures, even inside of walls. All it takes is a single crack in your facade for your building to become a flying stinger factory. Wasp and yellow jackets can be controlled by eliminating their active nest that is found and/or initiating a preventive bait program.

Contact Bugmaster immediately at the sight of stinging insects is the smart thing to do!

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