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At Bugmaster we have made it a point to train our technicians to deal with a variety of wildlife that is indigenous to our area including squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and skunks.

Wildlife can cause damage to our properties, introducing other pest or harm to our pets. Should one of these animals take up residence on your property rest assure that we have the expertise to resolve the problem.


Bugmaster Wildlife Removal Process

We have a comprehensive process for finding and trapping these nuisance visitors. Our removal process includes inspection, trapping, offsite removal, and follow-ups.


Initial Wildlife Inspection

We start by identifying which animals have taken up residence and determine the severity of your infestation. A Bugmaster licensed wildlife trapper will provide a detailed report on their findings, outlining the conducive conditions and damage and potential issues that could be inviting unwanted visitors to move in as well as a written plan of action with fees.

Wildlife Trapping and Removal Service

Once the animal has been indemnified and our plan of action approved, our licensed wildlife trapper will install traps in areas that have been identified as areas where the animals are inhabiting. There is no area too small or too obscure.

We use only humane traps that are proven effective in the capture of wildlife and remove the nuisance wildlife offsite in accordance with the California State Fish and Game rules and regulations.

Follow Up Services

In accordance with the California State Fish and Game rules and regulations, wildlife traps must be inspected daily. We will return to your property so that we can correctly remove animals that have been caught and replace or reset the same traps.

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